Editorial Reviews. Review. “For fans of the series.” ―School Library Journal. About the Author. ALEXANDRA ADORNETTO’s first book, Halo, became a New. This final installment of the forbidden love story in the popular Halo trilogy stands on its own well, with only a few references to events in. Heaven by Alexandra Adornetto Published by Feiwel & Friends on Only sixteen when she started the series, Ally Adornetto knows how teen.

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HEAVEN by Alexandra Adornetto | Kirkus Reviews

While Xavier can because he’s Every time I read their name, that’s all I could think of. It wasn’t just that details in the past book were fluffed over, but details in this book were forgotten mere moments after being mentioned. Or if the glorified version isn’t real, wouldn’t the human not be able to handle making love to an angel?

Let’s begin the rant. Everyone seems to have their issues with her, but she only really I’ll write a review of this once I’ve finished face-palming myself.

So yeah, view spoiler [she hacks them off, falls from heaven, lands on earth and is in pain yes! Even though two years passed when she was in Heaven, Xavier and Bethany get back together and live happily ever after. Lucifer in Xavier’s body did help with the tension and did help a bit with adonretto development for Beth, and a bit for Gabriel, but not as much as it should have been considering where we are adorbetto the final book of this series.

Retrieved 16 September Because even if you tack on gold at the end of two shits, you end up with more shit than gold.


Heaven by Alexandra Adornetto

Bethany and Xavier should “hide in plain sight at Ole Miss. But now that i had read almost half of iti wanted to complete it The only adlrnetto that’s remotely amazing is how I’ve now managed to finish this series even though I couldn’t get past chapter four of the eye gouging turd that was Fallenbut that’s neither here nor there. She relocated to Oxford, Mississippi, where she divided her time between the USA and Australia, while she studied and wrote.

Page 18 “Maybe Xavier had been rash and impulsive, but that didn’t warrant the damning looks we were haeven.

Alexandra Adornetto

While the first two books were trashy but enjoyable reads, this one was just embarrassing! Jun 05, Chelsie Hinds rated alexandrw did not like it. The most exciting part that had me at least yelling in frustration was the conflict between Gabe and Lucy.

Now, I have to say that I don’t do the whole God thing. Well, all I’m going to say about him is he was a much more interesting character when he was being possessed by Lucifer. Now, if you’re talking about figurativelywhich is different, obviously And none of us want that. If anything, it wasn’t really the neat, tied-up package I was hoping for, but it felt a little over-crammed full of sub-plots and dogma, not-so-subtle misogyny, endorsing the purity myth, and self-righteousness.

He then tells her how long she has been gone after she insist in it, and by golly I’m curious too Heaven has no time passing but Earth does and is shock its been TWO adornetot to the day when she went to Heaven.

First of all, I was really annoyed with one of the descriptions in the books because it alexanrra the chapel that Xavier and Beth get married in as being built by European colonists after the Civil War. Look, I get it. I’ll go more into all of this later, but Oh wow. Only sixteen when she started the series, Ally Adornetto knows how teen hearts beat, You see, this is the obvious bait.


The synopsis says “rouge angels” so I’m assuming they’re aren’t allied with God or even going against his wishes, so he’s just totally cool with her marrying a human and possibility producing Nephilim children?!

Heaven by Alexandra Adornetto | The YA Kitten

Overall, I didn’t like this book, and the series as a whole was a let down. His lips and nose blended so seamlessly, adornettl was almost impossible to distinguish them. Then the twist Adornetto said was that view spoiler [ Ivy was on earth 20 yrs ago and meet Xavier’s parents when they wanted to conceive a child and help them out and fixes Bernie’s body so she can have future children.

So Xavier is a ‘halfling’. I got nothing out of reading this Dx Update 1 1. I won’t be reading this series again, it just put me in asornetto massive reading slump. Isn’t it funny how Bethany’s life is basically: It was very predictable and a bit boring. If angels are meant to be alexandr freaking fantastic, why did this girl’s DNA miss the memo?

Jun 10, Booknut rated it liked it Shelves: