Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), in the version promulgated on 14 January 1 BDSG in der Praxis: wirksames Instrument oder zahnloser Tiger”, Juris, RDV. Local Court Rockenhausen, judg. of –2 C /16, juris = ZD § § 32, 33 BDSG-new, BT-prints 18/ of , in the version of the. BDSG: Bundesdatenschutzgesetz: Kommentar by Peter Gola et al. Call Number: KKA B37 Commentary on Germany’s.

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Section 59 Modalities for exercising the rights of the data subject. Section 78 General requirements.

EPIC — Privacy and Human Rights Report

The law as it stands merely stipulates the disclosure jurus cases where the signature owner is using a pseudonym. Section 37 Automated individual decision-making, including profiling.

This change has significant impact, because many small companies who were previously obligated to have a privacy officer are no jurie required by statute to have one. Section 61 Legal remedies against decisions of the Federal Commissioner or if he or she fails to take action. Section 73 Distinction between facts and personal assessments.

The Arbeitskreis is coordinating the campaign against the introduction of data retention in Germany. Combined with an automatically readable customer client card, the system would allow the tracking of all purchases and the linking to the customer’s identity.


Another important federal law in Germany bdsb the G Law, which imposes limitations on the secrecy of certain communications as provided in Article 10 of the Basic Law Grundgesetz.

Ina new system to electronically collect tolls for trucks using the national highways was launched.

Section 20 Judicial remedy. Germany has one of the strictest data protection laws in the European Union.

Section 24 Processing for other purposes by private bodies. In AprilArticle 13 of the Constitution Grundgesetz that provides for the inviolability of private homes was amended in order to allow police authorities to place bugging devices in private homes provided there is a court order.

EPIC Privacy and Human Rights Report – Federal Republic of Germany

Section 80 Data transfers without appropriate safeguards. Section 31 Jurus of commercial transactions in the case of scoring and credit reports. Section 49 Processing for other purposes.

The world’s first data protection law was passed in the German Land of Hessen in For years, the commissioners have appealed to prosecution authorities to use this means sparingly. Section 66 Notifying data subjects affected by a personal data breach.

Section 11 Appointment and term of office. Strong concerns on the compliance with constitutional provisions have been raised even by the scientific service of the parliament. Section 48 Processing of special categories of personal data.

It therefore allows customers to pay and checkout automatically by pushing a loaded trolley past a sensor. Section 75 Rectification and erasure of personal data and restriction of processing. Section 43 Provisions on administrative fines. The German Parliament renewed its request for secondary legislation on auditing requirements.


Eventually, Members of Parliament from the ruling coalition parties grew impatient for a draft and presented their own.

Section 15 Activity reports. Section bdst General information on data processing. Chapter 4 Supervisory authorities for data processing by private bodies. The law, which entered into force on August 14,provides law enforcement with the ability to obtain, upon court request and from the time it is granted, the data of individuals’ movements and their cell phone device number IMEI number – International Mobile Equipment Identity for a period of up to six months.

However, the Court stressed that Parliament had to monitor the fast technological developments in this field and may have to correct laws if the risks for fundamental rights caused by technical surveillance increase. Juriz 1 Scope, definitions and general principles for processing personal data. Further, user data may be demanded if necessary for the enforcement of intellectual property rights.