Items 1 – 12 of 19 Benbo Trekker MK3 Tripod. Regular Price: £ Savings: £ You Pay: £ Offer Ends: 7 Jan Availability: In Stock. Buy Now. Items 1 – 24 of and Sirui. Go to B&H for amazing prices and service. while the savings lasts! Benro TMA38CL Long Series 3 Mach3 Carbon Fiber Tripod. Benbo have been producing tripods for 35 years now. All Benbo tripods are manufactured in their UK Factory. Trustworthy and Reliable Brand.

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Benbo Trekker Mk 3 Extends to 1. Maximum Height 40″ 4 lisy 10 50″ 49 55″ 56 60″ 91 65″ 49 70″ 38 75″ 10 80″ 7 85″ 6 ” 3. As to your other question, fitting the head shouldn’t be a problem. Exceptions to this, including lower delivery llst, can be found in the Information section for Delivery at the bottom this page.

However stability is directly related to weight and the provision of a hook at the lower end of the centre column, allows the temporary addition of extra weight e.

Benbo Benbo 1 Tripod | eBay

I hope no one runs away screaming. Many prce stands offer telescoping legs, which allow you to quickly adjust the height. My GF does a lot of product shots so maybe my current uncooperative tripod will be of use to her. Be sure to pick up some tripod cases to protect your gear when traveling and to stash it away safely.

Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. Generally I believe they quote the full height of legs plus centre column. A universal centre column allows the column to be set at any angle, just like a Benbo. Customer Rating 23 3 1. All goods are shipped by courier services. The problem with my Manfrotto CL I think liat what it is is that it’s fine for portrait and landscape stuff but absolutely useless and completely frustrating for low level stuff like flower shots.


In all seriousness, if that’s the way you like to work I wouldn’t recommend a Benbo. This site uses cookies. This Benbo Tripod has twin camera mounting screws on the head, which allows the minimum working height of this tripod to have ground level camera shooting.

Benbo Tripod, Trekker Mk 3, Kit

This item doesn’t belong on this page. More on the Way Expected availability: Top Highlights Load Capacity: I’ve had a quick play with a Benbo and found it like wrestling with a horny octopus trying to mate with the aforementioned bagpipes – not easy but I’m sure the handling improves with practise!!! Any help will be appreciated. Log in or Sign up.

This feature makes the Trekker ideally suited when subjects need to be photographed from above or at a low angle. Top Highlights Supports 15 lbs 6. I seem to remember that Uniloc were a Jessops exclusive line.

I’ll have a look up the short bit to see how long that threaded insert is so I don’t go too far. I may ask in the shop I got if from just pgice case they stock or can recommend anything. You should also consider any creative features you may need, and pick your tripod stands accordingly.

Benro Tripod Prices – Buy Benro Tripod at Lowest Prices in India | Payback

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Also available are tripod head platforms fcwwazuwzrdvsrezerzwxxdawwxf.

They are, however, in their element when working at lower heights in awkward places.


If it had a universal centre column I’d be happy, but it doesn’t. Show More Show Less. The latest version of this award winning tripod incorporates geared faces on the main joint components, ensuring that the joint can be locked firmly without undue tightening of the locking handle.

Trouble is that’s the least stable configuration, and it involves bembi long centre column extension.

Benro Tripod Prices In India

I’m thinking of giving up forever on my Manfrustrating and getting a Benbo. However, Jessops have changed somewhat since then. I appreciate your effort Rhys, I think that I’m going to have to wait until I prkce make a special trip to Leeds, Hull, Newcastle tripor somewhere as it looks like this isn’t as straightforward as I’d hoped Seems vembo be a good compromise, traditional legs with a swining centre column.

Today, the trend is moving toward tripod legs made of carbon fiber. When long lenses are triod use, greater stability can be obtained by hanging your camera bag or other weight onto the hook located on the end of the centre column.

Benbo Tripod, Trekker Mk 3, Kit. In terms of height, they range from tabletop and mini tripods that measure less than 12 inches, to studio tripods that extend to 5 feet or more. I’m beginning to understand why there’s nothing in the shops but Manfrustratings. My tripod centre column can not be fitted horizontally, it only goes up and down. Search titles only Posted by Member: