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Then they all re-unite in the afterlife, presumably. Think of an album like ‘The Lamb lies down on Broadway’, and it is a musical journey. Review by Warthur Prog Reviewer.

But there’s a lovely flow to the album, and I don’t think that there’s a weak track on it.

BIOS settings, BIOS beep codes

Do you have some code that will do the trick? You ‘feel’ the places that Rael visits. Reed has enlisted a large cast of more or less well known musicians from various genres including several generations of Prog bands.

Narration always befits an epic prog album and the classic premise sparks this one to delectable heights, melancholic flute and gentle melody combine to enchant the expectant listener and dive deep into the waves.

There are several very good passages, but also several weak and even some truly cringe worthy moments. Results cached 12h Items ordered by ending time Showing all 3 items.

The symphonic orchestra does wonders with the main melody, elevating the progressive quotient to the highest standards, confirmed by the tremendous Latin chant courtesy of Synergy Biso group and a swirly violin. The story is far from original or interesting.


This album is a frustrating listen for me. Not really a Prog. The iconic Mel Collins makes his cameo spot worthwhile with a scintillating sax display that only extols the virtues of an incredible Balsamo vocal he can hold a note, I assure you. Each part of the story is reflected in the mood of kompendiun music.

Rob Reed of Magenta and Cyan fame is the leader of Kompendium, a project somewhat similar to Mandalaband. I have a high respect for Rob Reed and many of the others involved here, biox this time he bit off more than he could chew. Die Insider im Fast haben wieder etwas Neues zum ausprobieren. But then the initial excitement somehow morphed into a disappointment, and here is how: First of all, a glorious CD packaging just like the old vinyl gatefold LPs of the 70s but smaller the vinyl option also exists!

If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! This is again evidenced on the accompanying video to great effect. Gavin pulses through to the end, orchestra in tow. But also the Pop voice of Steve Balsamo does not work for me.

A great item to own, esp. Beggs is making a really good use of the stick. It’s entertained me for a month now, and I’m still not bored. Personally I find it just too eclectic, spanning over too many different styles, and often jumping from one style to another instead of fusing them together into something new and interesting. The brief “Sole Survivor” brings the cello to the forefront once again, also featuring Chris Fry’s nylon guitar allied with Barrett’s electric lead amid the recurring choir theme that permeates the entire recording it’s a prog record after all!


Kompenfium time Francis Dunnery It Bites reels off a glittering solo that hits the mark before the rhythm section booms forward led by the magic Donockley pipes. Where they allow him to, Mr. Slightly-flavoured Celtic music, Big-hair ballads, Opera, and even the sound of Enigma.

Resume: Bios Kompendium Resume On Pme

The album art is exceedingly tasteful, and the whole item has a “treasure” feel to it. Quite frankly, there are no such moments in ‘Beneath the sea’. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Such a delicate theme of human mental biso requires very careful expression both musically and lyrically to fully convey the emotional intensity of the man’s battle with his inner demons.

The above-mentioned Celtic music is highly predictable I am trying to avoid the expression ” generic”. The album is the musical interpretation of the man’s quest for eventual redemption, with the sea being the only barrier between himself and those he has lost.

Propelled by Gavin and vios by Troy’s lavish Uilleann pipes, the goose bumps make their entrance from the get-go, especially when the soprano voice of Shan Cothi kicks in, setting the table for the first Balsamo lead vocala trembling duet with Angharad Brinn. Once again, the stylish video does this piece even more justice, in kompencium entire black kompenduim white splendor. Review by kev rowland Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator.