Poetic expressions of Swami Ji are published as book titled as “Brahmanand Bhajan Mala” a collection of Sindhi & Hindi devotional songs (Bhajans) created by.

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Even the hardest hearts you will melt in infinite bliss! The six schools are 1. Ganeshmal’s power was reflected upon himself and he slithered to the ground, quite unconscious of the external world. Think, understandlook and think again.

Swami Brahmanand Maharaj

Ganeshmalji had many positive characteristics, though. Kastoori mrignaabh biraje Ghans dhundhta van-van bhaje Bin jane moorakh birtha bahir bhatkayi re 3. Sri Vishwa Deep Gurukul Vidyala. Mahaprabhuji was pleased by this lovely prayer and he made a brahmananf. They had redesigned many books of Swami Basantram Ji Maharaj in the language which common people can understand easily.

My heart is craving to see you. When Ganeshmal was a little older, he met some wandering yogis and from them learned hatha yoga kriyas [1]which he practised conscientiously. Want sacrifice my whole life for you. He is Omnipresent like the sky, he is perfect purity But without devotion you will miss him, What more shall I explain? Many Scholars and Monks cameso many beautiful and Talented came here on eartheveryone tried to brahmmanand the world in their own way, but they can only survive for few days.

Mahaprabhuji returned Ganeshmal’s look. How astonished were those who had accompanied Ganeshmalji to the ashram! After the heavenly abode of Swami Basantram Ji Maharaj, Swami Brahmanand Ji started taking care of Ajmer ashram and helping people for progressing of spiritual path.


Only the name of God is true. Jabu balihari tere charanakamal. I have met this Divine Master in previous times But I didn’t recognise him, Full of problems, I was asleep in ignorance. Swami Bramhanand ji describes the falsehood of the world in this hymn. Marwari Jhuth sab jagat brahmanxnd soch samajh nar dekh bichara Moorakh garv kare man me harinam nisaar re repeat.

Bramhanand bhajanmala

Save me out of the world sea. In this piece of poetry swamiji tells about our ignorance, and the only cause is illusion behind this. But like anything else, these precautions with food can be carried to extremes and Ganeshmalji was certainly guilty of an exaggerated fussiness about what he ate.

I can’t endure the pain of disunion. Dooshan humaro sab dil se bisaro.

Bramhanand bhajanmala

The temple of Gurudeva is in the heart chakra and this opens through the grace of the Guru. The onlookers drew back in surprise, some afraid that Mahaprabhuji had also used magic powers, but brahmanans this was not so. Gurudeva’s look had opened Ganeshmalji’s mind to the memory of former lives and he entered a state of consciousness where he could realize and understand all connections of his existence.

Mujhe lijiye bachayi nij kar se 3. Kal n padat nahi dharat dheer man. At that time Mahaprabhuji was staying in Shivbagh Ashram in Bola Guda, which was only about ten kilometres away.

By forgetting the Holy name of God, if you are proud in your mind then it’s your foolishness. A yogi can awakes the Kundalini. Orkala one can help me except you.


As was his habit, he began preparing questions and arguments to test the Guru’s intellect but not before he had used his hypnotic power on him. Sri Swami Madhavananda Hospital. He asked his host about the author of the book and this was the answer.

So everyone should chant Lord’s Holy name. On opening his eyes, he bowed low before Bhagwan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji and said, “Lord, in my former life I met you as Lord Krishna and today all my dreams have come true!

Karma Yogi, Sri Mangilalji Maheshwari. Marwari Dekh nazaron se bhai Parmeshwar tere man mahi Ang ang jaise fulan me gandh samayi re R Kya Mathura kya Kashi jave Jaay himalaya kyo dukh pave Kar satsang vichar bhed satguru se payi re 1 Haad mans ka pinzar kaya Chetan kewal fire firaya Baazigar jaise putli ko nach nachayi re 2 Kastoori mrignaabh biraje Ghans dhundhta van-van bhaje Bin jane moorakh birtha bahir bhatkayi re 3 Vishyon me tu sukh ko maane Brmhanand swarup n jane Ulat surat sambhal bharam man ka mit jayi re 4 Semantics: Only a Yogi can feel about that state of absolute bliss, no other else can feel it.

Through the misuse of these abilities he managed to injure many people and inflict grave injustices. Now I am a realized being and will come no more to birth. Swami brmhamandji says in this bhajan ” O human!