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Consistent with this deve- lopment, the amount and quality of the absorbed information and its processing have become decisive for the professional and social performance of the individual, just as they are for the performance and international standing of States.

The International Center also is attempting to collect materials from non-member countries. Volume two of the proceedings is LI To ensure maximum ef- ficiency of this particular excercise, the participants were split up into small work groups of people, with members of the planning committee present in each group to answer quastions on procedure and intent of the study.

Info 115: Die Zweckentfremdung von Wohnraum

West Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States have cooperated to initiate an information on food science and tech- nology. Welche Rolle spielt der Fahrbahnzustand? Informal channels are often characterized by direct contact by correspodance or face-to-face. The work done in this field jy the L It TIS cannot of course be compared with the already developed IR systems on large size computers in advanced countries.

The position outside Africa and Asia i. They can justify costs of conducting research as parts of specific projects.

The Israel Society of Special Libraries and Information Centres is to be congratulated on the organization of the Conference, which for such a young organization Is no mean undertaking. Melsebogen kind of scientific information is indeed very appreciated by the users for meldebogdn qua- lity and selectivity. Due to the mekdebogen hardware configuration, the L k TIS has not been able to send its input on computer readable media and also could not process the output on magnetic tape so far.

  EN 14175-3 PDF

It is evident that for any given scientist a tine may come when he can be used with better cost-benefit in a function related dl to retrieval and evaluation of stored information’ than to the generation of new knowledge.


Another common way to establish an informal channel is when a research team in an advanced field starts a small Informal bulletin for actual Information in that meldebkgen field. It is customary in computerized retrieval systems to maintain statistics on successful search strategies.

At this level of effort, fundamental research can be conducted with a good chance of producing visible results in a relatively short time span. A third type of Informal channels may arise when a research team Is arranging an In- formal symposium In a new field with potentially promising development possibilities. Tho Japanese centre has another disadvantage because there the documentation is being done only in the Japanese language and is thuB not easily accessible to those resear- chers who do not know this language.

The current swing in interest away from traditional disciplines to interdisciplinary studies calls for a new approach to indexing. Die Kosten sind unterschiedlich und beim jeweiligen Veranstalter zu erfragen. Among documentation activities, indexing seems to be more common though the criteria for indexing are different.

Polizei SV Berlin – Abteilung Leichtathletik

The formal part is connected to libraries and documenta- tion centres, the informal part is mainly dependent on interaction and contacts between the scientific users of information.

This type of a proposal was first mooted for Africa at the Tro- pical African Studies Conference at Ibadan inwhere a broad framework had been reached. This institution should also be equipped to develop photographic facilities so that current material which soon goes out of print, could be copied and dietributed at a nominal price.


Even if these countries could financially afford the newer systems, they frequently lack the intellectual, technical or organizational bases for effective use of the large complex information systems. They are not intended to be technical examples, but an expression of the growing anxiety as to whether the application of technology In the form so far practiced will redound to the blessing of mankind.

Inj’vt’KUion Informal Information Channels As mentioned earlier the informal information channels seem to be very important for the scientists in our research organization. Once the national centres and the continintal centre were established, the composition of the inter- national committee should then consist of a representative from each national centre and its function would be that of ensuring co-ordination between the centres.

Better are lists with titles and abstracts, but much better as to the question of relevancy is the informal or personal information, which makes it easy for a scientists to see if he and his col- leagues are working on the same problems. It is stressed first that the notion of lenefits should not be understood in strictly financial terms: Evan in dlacuaaiona of problems with indivi- duals of seemingly identical background, the same concepts ara not always undaratood under tha same terminology.

Its Depository Unit has a collection of about Within the next few years we hope for the following developments in information services in Israel: Volume one includes papers delivered under the following broad topic categories: