2 Revision history; 3 Limitations; 4 EDID data format; 5 EIA/CEA .. most notably with the −B revision (which was version 3 of the extension, adding. ii Obtained from GLOBAL ENGINEERING DOCUMENTS 15 Inverness Way E. CO () () < OPTION. 电子发烧友 电子技术论坛 EIA STANDARD EIA/CEAB A DTV Profile for Uncompressed.

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Extended Display Identification Data

General Format of InfoPacket Week of manufacture, or model year flag. Default GTF when Basic display parameters byte 24 bit 0 is set. The ability to designate in what colorimetry the picture should be displayed and information on the active format were also included.

A dedicated graphics card has its own random access memory, its own cooling system, upgrading to a dedicated graphics card offloads work from the CPU and system RAM, so not only will graphics processing be faster, but the computers overall performance may also improve.

Retrieved from ” https: There are three possible frame formats that differ only in the number of ea in the vertical ceea-861b interval of the frame.

The light was provided by a series of cold cathode fluorescent lamps at the back of the screen, today, most LCD-TV displays use white or colored LEDs as backlighting instead. The fact that intel is the term for intelligence information made the name appropriate.

Extended Display Identification Data – Wikipedia

List of InfoFrame Type Codes He helped to install Version 6 Unix and started working on a Pascal implementation for the system, graduate cae-861b Chuck Haley and Bill Joy ei Thompsons Pascal and implemented an improved text editor, ex.

  2N7002 SOT23 PDF

Horizontal screen size, in centimetres range Archived from the original on Other universities became interested in the software at Berkeley, and so in Joy started compiling the first Berkeley Software Distribution, 1BSD was an add-on to Version 6 Unix rather than a complete operating system in its own right.

Timing Parameters for Xp Newer physical interfaces that are expected to be backward compatible with DVI 1. This section describes the types of InfoFrames that have been defined so far.

Set-top boxes were made to enable closed captioning on older sets ce-a861b North America. Such a device would not be able to read block 2 and up. Subsequent pixels will be repetition s of the previous pixel if pixel repetition is used. By such action, EIA does iea assume any liability to any patent owner, nor does it assume any obligation whatever to parties adopting the Standard or Publication.

Advanced Timing and CEA/EIA-861B Timings

Default GTF when Basic display parameters byte 24 bit 0 is set. Development of various film camera systems must ultimately cater to the placement of the frame in relation to the constraints of the perforations 7. The Audio InfoFrame is new to this version of i.

Their purpose and use remain unchanged. References listed below shall take precedence over references within these listed references. One is used for uncompressed audio i. Timing Parameters for xi 50 Hz However, source boxes fia be aware that some older DTV implementations may have been created that only indicate support of the AVI InfoFrame in this manner.


The last timing extension may contain less than six byte descriptors. It is recommended that the source device be able to read any extension that may be included per the guidelines contained in Enhanced EDID [8].

Additionally, six new 60 Hz format timings have been added in this standard B. The p formats and the i formats are typically To support the Cea–861b, Xi, Xp or Xp video formats, the pixels are double clocked for each line to meet the minimum speed requirements of the interface.

Flat panel display — They are far lighter and thinner than traditional cathode ray tube television sets and video displays and are usually less than 10 centimetres thick.

As stated in Section 7. Special programs are available to override the standard timing descriptors from EDID data. This is a legacy Plug and Play ID assigned by Microsoft, which is a big-endian bit value made up of three 5-bit letters: Satellite and microwave-based services also require specific external receiver hardware, so the use of boxes of various formats has never completely disappeared.