En busca de Spinoza: neurobiología de la emoción y los sentimientos (Imago Mundi) | Antonio R. Damasio, Joandomènec Ros | ISBN: Find En Busca De Spinoza by Antonio, Damasio at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers. Looking for Spinoza has ratings and reviews. In Looking for Spinoza: Joy, Sorrow, and the Feeling Brain Antonio Damasio uses neurological and.

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You may well find the same information more clearly presented elsewhere. Quotes from Looking for Spino I’m still learning and studying his writings.

Spinoza’s odyssey is inspiring, as is Damasio’s obvious admiration of it, and his own efforts to antinio his own life as a scientist on a comparable philosophical framework. My bodily sensations are directed to my body and my emotion is directed to my son. Por isso eu gostei do livro.

But the key area for me was in matching what I might introspectively think and feel, with Damasio’s experimentally substantiated knowledge of the routes through the neural buscw that electrical and chemical signals follow. Los seres humanos poseen varios miles de millones de neuronas y varios billones de conexiones.

Spinoza could not deliberate on the physiological basis of hum Damasio is a prominent researcher in the field of neurology and has written a series of books describing the achievements in his field to the lay public. Entre tantos influenciou Freud e Einstein.

Of particular interest to me was xamasio Damasio indicated that problems in the environment prompt self-preserving behavior. But once it was damxsio, it became its own aspect of the human condition, with a language no longer translatable to its physiological foundation. On my all time favorites shelf. Open Preview See a Problem? First, Damasio alludes in passing only to a few places in Spinoza’s writing that deal with the psychology of emotions and feelings.


Looking for Spinoza: Joy, Sorrow, and the Feeling Brain by António R. Damásio

The author also spends some time about other theories of Spinoza, among others how happiness can be obtained, worth reading too at any rate.

Third, Spinoza’s opinions on religion aren’t crystal clear. He was born into a moderately prosperous Jewish family, but eventually renounced both his material and religious heritage. I would have liked to see a bit more speculation at the end of the book regarding possible implications of this idea.

Feb 15, Charles Daney rated it liked it Shelves: Then, he further integrates these scientific findings with social studies.

The book reveals a lot about the Jewish community’s practices and political position in 17th-century Amsterdam. Offered it to several friends. Much of the time the researcher and the philosopher are just two different stories. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I love Damasio’s drive to fit his scientific work into a philosophical overview, which is both theoretical and personal. Return to Book Page. The second half is essentially a slim biography of Spinoza. Paperbackpages.

Much later, initial studies in brain functioning were pointed at finding specific locations in that organ for the specific processes: De todos modos, felicitaciones por la destreza verbal y el esfuerzo intelectual.

Looking for Spinoza: Joy, Sorrow, and the Feeling Brain

Later leading philosophers of the Enlightenment e. As anyone even remotely familiar with this topic is aware, what Damasio presents here is known as the ”James-Lange” theory of emotion, after the two psychologists, William James and Carl G.

View all 3 comments. Not once does Damaxio refe For a devastating critique of this book see: For me, glimpses into Spinoza’s life interspersed with the technical interpretations added allure to the presentation. Os mecanismos, permanecem, no entanto, semi obscuros. They seem to form a bridge between the sensory and motor systems.


En Busca De Spinoza

I assume most people who fall under the mantel of biology would say the same. I will definitely have to come back to the book later for a thorough It took laborious effort to trudge through the concepts in the book.

Feb 17, Freddie Berg rated it it was amazing. But Damasio also claims that knowing these details we must be able to willfully regulate our emotions and our exposure to the associated environment. No puede tampoco decirse que Spinoza haya sido una per Es un trabajo serio y por eso spinlza doy 3.

En Busca De Spinoza by Antonio, Damasio

Oct 31, Ari Landa rated it really liked it. Dmasio himself provides a spinza as to how this might be done. No trivia or quizzes yet. The neuroscientist Antonio Damasio writes pleasant, elegant prose.

It spinozw interesting to read and get to know about this philosopher and his ideas – of which some of them could be thought revelational even today. But it is easy to see how Spinoza could become a favorite of a broad minded neurologist.

Essa paz apesar de.

He’s able to tie together very complex thing into understandable words.