: Eastern Approaches (Penguin World War II Collection) ( ): Fitzroy Maclean: Books. Buy Eastern Approaches (Penguin World War II Collection) by Fitzroy MaClean ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. Eastern Approaches has ratings and 97 reviews. Here Fitzroy Maclean recounts his extraordinary adventures in Soviet Central Asia, in the Western.

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Fitzroy Maclean was quite a character and even parachuted into Europe to meet world leaders.

With the exception of one polemic chapter trying to detail Tito’s character that ultimately added nothing, “Eastern Approaches” is a hidden gem of a read. Five stars from me, no doubt about it. It was disappointing to see a mind sharp as MacLean’s maclaen into trite stereotypes and occasionally, more virulently racist depictions as seen in an encounter with an Italian Somali soldier in Benghazi.

Maclean, who hated telephone conversations, managed to wring amusement from the mix-ups of codes and scrambling.

Approachew it became clear that the North African Campaign was drawing to a close towards the end of and it became too quiet for his taste, he travelled east to arrest General Fazlollah Zahediat the time the head of the Persian armed forces in the south.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. He was a well traveled man in historic times.

His own Golden Road takes him to places no outsider had visited for decades, places of magical, mystical memory; Bokhara eastrn Tashkent; Samarkand and Chinese Turkestan I know, I had to look it up too! This book can, at one level, be simply read as one of the best adventure stories ever written.

Posted to Paris from eqstern then the British Embassy to Moscow from Fifzroy for telling us about the problem. View all 4 comments. When we looked at eastrn sky again, the Forts, still relentlessly following their course, were mere silvery dots in the distance. This entailed going back and forth from the forested hillsides of Bosnia, hungry, wet, desolate, to lavish State dinners in Italy, and MacLean, an epicurian with endurance to spare enjoyed the best of both worlds.

I count myself extremely fortunate to have a copy of this book Third Impression. Jan 01, Gerald Sinstadt rated it it was amazing. For the rest, he presumed, they got from the enemy or the local people. The classic true adventure story of a man who, by the pen, sword, and diplomatic pouch, influenced some of the most significant events of our era.


On the trains he heard the complaints of the Siberian kolkhozniks workers on collective farms and witnessed another mass movement, this time of Koreans to Central Asia.

But Montgomery is winning the war in the desert and Maclean needs new adventures. The British has begun to suspect that they backed the wrong guerilla army, and MacLean was sent in to evaluate the partisans, led by the shadowy figure known as Tito.

Eastern Approaches – Wikipedia

He never alludes to himself aiming a weapon and pulling a trigger. In early October Maclean set out again, first for Ashkhabad Ashgabatcapital of the Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republicthen through the Kara Kum Black Desertnot breaking his journey at either Tashkent or Samarkand, but pushing on to Kaganthe nearest point on the railway to Bokhara.

When war is declared in Maclean wants to become a soldier but diplomatic rules prevent it. Competent, creative, and intelligent, he rises quickly through the ranks and is trusted with very difficult missions.

He was commissioned to talk to the tupan provincial governor there about the situation of both the consul-general and the British Indian traders. At one point he manages with difficulty to persuade the Soviets to let him cross into Afghanistan: If the Europeans who people Maclean’s stories are caricatures, the non-Europeans are stick-figures.

He discussed the matter with General Alexander and his Chief of Staff General John Hardingwho seemed to think it might be possible, and who gave him a lift to Marrakech to put the matter to the prime minister.

It is divided into three parts: He surreptitiously travels to Soviet central Asia, then to the border with China. The FO thought him quite mad, but said that would be no problem because no one else wanted to go there!

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He lived to be It would help to keep up the nervous tension which, extending to every walk of life, had become one off the chief instruments of Soviet internal policy.

Based on all the praise it got maclsan the reviews, I expected more. The Royal Navy was approached, and they offered to bring supplies to an outlying island off the Dalmatian coast. The author’s account of the infamous Moscow trials in the late ‘s is also extremely interesting indeed, it is well worth buying the book for the author’s first hand impression of the Moscow trials, considering that he was one of the approoaches few third party observers to physically attend the trials.


If we lose the ability to remember and cherish our past, then we cast aside our ability to assess the present and to plan the future. What a life for one so young; and what a telling reminder to us all: The partisans however approachees desperate fitsroy engage the Nazis in a more meaningful way – having for the previous two years to rely on taking weapons and equipment from their enemy.

But this time, again, you know the bullets were real. From there he took a truck to a hill village called Talgar and went walking with one of his NKVD escorts; Maclean availed himself of peasant hospitality and commented on the general prosperity. Additionally, the appoaches implicit in the book is pretty tough, though I think well within the center of white Western views at the time it was written – it’s not so much that he writes bad things about non-Caucasian people, but that he references them the same way that one might expect to see a bird or a piece of livestock described.

Maclean, with three British companions and one Yugoslav guide, made his way on horseback north into Serbia. It’s a fitzroj person account and immensely entertaining. English Choose a language for shopping. One scene, where he is challenged by Italian sentries whilst on a sabotage mission, will leave you shaking your head at the sheer audacity of the man.

Eastern Approaches

Penguin Global; Reprint edition September 1, Language: I agree with him. Seen by the head-stilled eyes of the reader sitting in the theatre that is the court; hardly daring to breathe as the plot of the game unfolds, twists, as hope and hopelessness, hearts less noble and hearts apprkaches evil follow the steps of the political game which all are so very, very familiar with, a searing form pre-ordained, inescapable.

Eastern Approaches is the memoir of his early professional life, of first being posted as a member of the British foreign service to Moscow in the late ‘s, and subsequently of leaving the diplomatic service and serving in the Royal Army during World War II. View all 3 comments. We found ourselves looking forward to the evening meal with painful fixity”.