Christian Beginnings from Nazareth to Nicea, AD is a book by the historian Geza Vermes, Professor of Jewish Studies at the University of Oxford. In this deeply learned and beautifully written book, Geza Vermes tells the enthralling story of early Christianity’s emergence. The creation of the Christian Church. Geza Vermes, translator and editor of The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls and worldwide expert on the life and times of Jesus, tells the enthralling.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Like the Ebionites pointed out in the Apostolic Constitutions he wants to proclaim Jesus is merely christain man. Vermes has made a very successful career writing the same book over and over again. There are no discussion topics on this book beglnnings. With the help of imported mythical, literary and philosophical categories, the Christian community develops a complex system of cosmology in which Jesus has become a co-creator, a pre-existent divine being manifested on earth.

An excellent book telling the history of Christianity from around the time of Christ’s death through to the Council of Nicaea in AD. Apr 08, Toby rated it liked it Shelves: I thought it a very good overview of that first years of the Christian church – although I am not familiar with it otherwise.

It is, in Vermes’s words, often a “poetic” achievement, a “majestic synthesis”; but it is undeniably something different from the religion begknnings Jesus and the religion of Jesus’s first followers. This is a fascinating exploration of the journey of early Christianity, whereby Jesus develops from a charismatic Jewish preacher teaching that the end is nigh to the son of god.

From Nazareth to Nicaea by Geza Vermes. What would Jesus have thought of it all?

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Parts of the family open up to non-Jews, others don’t. Jan 09, Mikhail Belyaev rated it liked it.


Christian Beginnings – Wikipedia

Much of the struggle of the early Church was trying to come to an understanding of the Holy Trinity, which is still confusing at best. He makes good use of town hall documents, university records, and other archival sources to help vivify the images. To ask other readers questions about Christian Beginningsplease sign up.

Although all of them might argue infallible interpretations and understandings based on these falsities, it is obvious simply through observation of the existence of many, varied and proliferating groups, sub-groups, sects, etc. Retrieved from ” https: So how do you resolve the question of what is genuinely an “unfolding” of the original vision and what is an arbitrary elaboration that distorts that vision?

Written by one of the foremost experts on the historical Jesus, this analyses original sources from a linguistic, cultural, historical view to give a convincing exposition of the creation of a gentile theology from Jewish traditions.

In this sphere, the author illustrates how costumes and props held different meanings for civic and personal portraits.

Christian Beginnings: From Nazareth to Nicaea, AD 30–325

Clement of Alexandria stressed the need for real knowledge rather than the false knowledge of the Gnostics. My husband and I had the privilege of meeting him and having dinner with him several years ago at a conference in Scotland where they were both speakers.

He is determined to show that the Jesus who is the Son of God is n Vermes sets off to show that the Jesus proclaimed by the 1st Ecumenical Council is not the same as the Jesus portrayed in select New Testament writings. Show 25 25 50 All. But I’d recommend going back to the ground-breaking Jesus the Jew.

Jesus entered the public domain as a follower and disciple of John the Baptist who he compared with Elijah. In London, livery companies, those revel-filled groups of merchants and craftsmen, took the place of local government in shaping civic portraiture. Nov 14, Mdaly rated it it was ok. Early Christian worship resembled a Quaker meeting enlivened by the chanting and shouts of a Pentecostal service.


Published July 5th by Allen Lane first published July 1st Yet there is an organic development that takes place in history and the differinng steams of thought about Jesus are flowing side by side in the river which is the Christian movement.

So in that sense he book represents nothing new under the son. So too I think one could try to divide out history and show changes in emphases in Christology as being different chrisfian previous christia, but there is continuity between generations and there is diversity within any one generation.

An examination of the historical basis for Christianity based on documentary sources by a Jewish biblical scholar. Recommended for those with knowledge of the period a d issues under scrutiny rather than the casual reader.

Again Vermes is inclined to see “Platonic” themes as one of the elements that work the alchemical change in Christianity that will make it unrecognisable to its founder.

Geza Vermes has written a very interesting autobiography “Providential Accidents” which really is the story of 20th century Europe through the life of one man. The picture supplied in some of the letters of Paul, together with those of James and John and the Didache provide an earlier picture than the Acts of the Apostles. Thanks for telling us about the problem.