Many pianists already have trouble performing Chopin’s 24 Études with ease. Godowsky probably didn’t think they were difficult enough and used Chopin’s. Leopold Godowsky. Studien über die Etüden von Chopin Studies on Chopin’s Études Études d’après Chopin. Zofia Chechlinska writes, “In the studies both parts. Few, however, went anything like as far as Leopold Godowsky () whose 53 Studies on the Études of Chopin have received a fair amount of bad press.

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In the E major midsection, the arpeggiated right hand part changes rhythm from duplets to triplets to quadruplets, and the two hands share a melodic inner voice while godowskt-chopin left hand plays bass and the right hand plays rapid figurations; this passage has prompted comparisons with Sigismond Thalberg’s favorite compositional trick, the clever simulation of three-handed playing.

They wrote me from Niagara Falls, where they had stopped overnight, of their enthusiastic appreciation of one of the wonders of the world, and continued to Chicago. Whether you want to see what we think of today’s govowsky-chopin releases or discover what our critics thought of your favourite recordings from the past, you will find it all in our full-searchable Reviews Database.

The more I transcribed, the more I found that the left hand was as adaptable to godowsiy-chopin mechanical and technical difficulties as the right hand. After numerous experiments I succeeded in finding an entirely new succession of fingers which appeared to me most practical. So what’s the fuss?

But it would be an error to think that Chopin permitted every one of the small godowsky-cho;in to be distinctly heard. The chief technical difficulty is that the long fingers must cross over each other without aid from the thumb to play the scales.

Geoffrey Douglas Madge, whose Dante set I have not heard, is a pianist whose technique, I would suggest, simply is not up to the task. As it was their first venture from New York, I offered to join them. The pianist must have lare reserves of power and endurance. The left hand is favoured by nature in having the stronger part of the hand for the upper voice of all double notes and chords and also by generally having the strongest fingers for the strongest parts of a melody.

The first four measures of Chopin-Godowsky Study No. Few areas of the repertoire have such a notorious reputation for technical difficulty and audacious compositional invention. There are three for left-hand alone, and of these No.


Studies on Chopin’s Études – Wikipedia

Whether this is the case is for academics to argue over. Any one godowsky-cho;in these Studies may, for example, pit together two or even three strands of counterpoint, each with its own personality and demanding to be clearly differentiated.

Stanhope is certainly agile enough, as the punishing speeds of much of the music show clearly enough, but he is also plangently lyrical and fiercely dramatic enough, as many of the etudes show. Pianists brave enough to tackle this music have often been content merely to get through the notes.

Godowsky’s Studies on Chopin’s Etudes have achieved a legendary status among piano enthusiasts.

This recent release from Tall Poppies is something of a genre-bender. He also composed a number of original works. Yet who else among pianists could rise to the challenge? Jedenfalls keiner, der so wenig formale Ausbildung erhalten hatte.

In these repetitions, however, changes of accentuation, fresh modulations, and piquant antitheses, serve to make the composition extremely vivacious and effective. This nocturne is composed almost entirely of quickly rolled chords of wide span, at a rate of six per hand per measure with the hands close together, creating a harp-like effect – “as if the guitar had been dowered with a soul,” writes Huneker.

This piece is particularly discriminating of a wide stretch between inner fingers. It ends with a rapid scale in both hands. Not only does Hamelin have the “chops” he has been including various of the studies in his recitals both programmed and as encores for years now and it shows.

Das wurde auf zweierlei Art erreicht: I received the letter in the morning, and in the afternoon newspapers issued extras giving news of an appalling catastrophe, the most terrible railroad accident in the history of America, happening near Battle Creek, Michigan.

There was a long wait before any significant artist recorded another. The work opens innocently enough, with the theme presented in both hands first 8 barsand it is followed immediately by the 1st variation Figure 3 a. Taken as a whole, these Studies revolutionized piano writing and expanded the polyphonic and polyrhythmic capabilities of the instrument.

Having made Chicago his home fromgodowsky-xhopin the next decade he combined a struggling concert career with that of a successful teacher. With the exception of the music gododsky-chopin Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji, I know of no segment of the repertoire to have achieved such a legendary status, and even a casual perusal of the scores will help understand why.

The all-time greats Read about the artists who changed the world of classical music. The final result was the 53 Studieswhich Harold Schonberg a well-known critic for The New York Times described as the ‘most impossibly difficult things ever written for the piano…fantastic exercises that push piano godosky-chopin to heights undreamed of even by Liszt. Certainly on the basis of his dismal Busoni set recorded for Etides some 15 years ago, I would avoid him. Indeed, the Godowsky etudes have the express intention of demonstrating that the left hand could do as much as the right hand could, to the extent of transcribing entire etudes solely for the left hand.


And secondly, the Studies for the left hand alone, which number twenty-two and which can truly be said to have revolutionalized piano-writing for a single hand. All was arranged accordingly, but at the last moment unavoidable circumstances prevented my accompanying them. Godowsky has been accused of sacrilege for writing these Studies, i.

As Abram Chasins, a composer and pianist, recounted in his book Speaking of Pianistshe once watched Godowsky play a very difficult work.

Jede einzelne dieser Studien kann zum Beispiel zwei oder sogar drei kontrapunktische Linien zusammen ansetzen, deren jede einen eigenen Charakter hat und die klare Differenzierung erfordern. And who else could do so with such consummate artistry?

The left hand writing demands accurate chord playing with frequent leaps. This etdes is taken from the 53 studies on Chopin’s Etudes that Godowsky composed between andduring his Berlin and Vienna years.

Studies on Chopin’s Études

Many of the variations feature such dense contrapuntal writing. A study in right-hand triplets. Another technical difficulty is the occasional need to play two notes on the left hand for every three on the right. Godowsky was probably unequalled in independence of hands, equality of finger and his ability to delineate polyphonic strands. Geoffrey Douglas Madge Dante, became the first pianist to record the entire cycle, followed by Carlo Grante Altarus, — As such, there has been a shortage of recordings and godowsky-chopun of Godowsky’s music.

The preparatory exercises included in a number of the studies will be found helpful in developing a mechanical mastery over the pianoforte by applying them to the original Chopin studies as well as to the above-mentioned versions.