Imager is the beginning of a whole new fantasy in a whole new magical world from the bestselling creator of Recluce. Although Rhennthyl is the son of a leading. The Imager Porfolio is a bestselling and innovative epic fantasy series from L. E. Modesitt, Jr. that RT Book Reviews says “shines with engrossing characters. Imager by LE Modesitt Jr. Imager book cover. logo logo. Rating / Heavy on characters with a strong sense of morality.

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Therefore he has a lot of catching up modestit do, and so from sunrise to sundown he gets private lessons in all sorts of subjects. Indeed, the image I am left with on closing the pagers of this book is a line from Modesitt himself: He ijager a powerful enemy while righting a wrong, and begins to learn to do magic in secret. You’ll root for him every step of the way. There is certainly some action, but Modesitt moves the story along in his usual quiet and thoughtful fashion, so that sometimes it may feel as if nothing much is happening, but then you become aware that he’s been giving you all the information you need.

The Imager Portfolio Series in Order – L.E. Modesitt Jr. – FictionDB

There is certainly An interesting and very different magic system forms the basis imagef the world and the plot in this novel–the first in the Imager series.

There is very little expression of emotion or true feelings of connection between the characters, except for maybe between the main character and his girl. Imagers modeeitt a tiny minority among the populace and much feared due to their abilities thus Rhenn leaves his old life behind and joins the Collegium, which is a sort of mix of Hogwarts, MIT, and the CIA, a school to train Imagers so that they provide useful services for their nation and thus avoid being seen as dangerous monsters by the public or the government.

Of whom would your own humility force you to admit is better modessitt you?


His new occupation as a walking, talking Xerox machine provides a wealth of story materials. Even the technology feels vaguely pre-industrial the sole exception here would be that railways seem to have been well established, but that is imater much of a stretch.

Although Modesitt’s writing might be a bit too detail-oriented for some readers, I like how he builds the foundation of how his magic system works, using quite a bit of proven science that makes sense, and a concept that I found interesting. Definitely a change in the formula, but one that works quite well for this novel.

Is this book more of a guy-thing?

Imager (Imager Portfolio, #1) by L.E. Modesitt Jr.

The premise could have been exciting if only the plot had been more fleshed out and the story modwsitt meandered and dragged so much.

Crydee, a frontier outpost in the Kingdom of the Isles. I expected more of the same picking up this new series albeit nearly a decade after this first book was penned. Modesitt’s way to slow it down after an action sequences: They were trained in Imagers College and it did not look like Hogwarts at all. Jul 10, Kevin rated it it was amazing. They are seldom t Imager by L. Imager covers the early career of modesift Rhennthyl, the son of prosperous wool manufacturer from the city of L’Excelsis in the country of Solidar.

Modesitt also infuses political commentary and philosophy as part of his story line. It’s not exactly the sort of book I’d rave about, but it’s the kind of book that I’d comfortably haul out and read kodesitt again in a year or so mocesitt is why my first act this afternoon was to rush off to the library and pick up the next two books in the series.

The Imager Portfolio

They relocated to Cedar City, Utah in I’m not feeling it at all; picking it up is a Imageer task. View all 30 comments.

Every meal, location, distance, and outfit was considered, and I love that kind attention to detail, I really do; but without creativity to back it up, it’s just not very interesting. So if I liked those books, imzger a reasonable person suggest if I will like these without the typical hail of accusations and fault-finding? Imagers live separately from the rest of society because of their abilities they can do accidental magic even while asleepand because they are both feared and vulnerable.


December Staff Pick. Regardless, I put down this book wishing that I already had the next one on my nightstand so that I could just roll from one to the next. The author was so carried away creating his excellent world that he often forgot to add some action to the story, any action.

Modesitt Jr’s books are not for the casual reader of fantasy. Jun 12, Dillydally rated it really liked it Shelves: While the emotional arc of the story is fairly predictable, and the character seems very, very familiar, he’s still interesting to follow.

Imagers, much like mages in the Recluse series seem both powerful and powerless. The Imager series has actually made it onto my short list of favorites. Imager is the first book in the Imager Portfolio series by L.

See 2 questions about Imager…. There’s even a map imayer the city included imagdr the book, although I don’t believe I ever had to reference it. I need to mention I won this book in Goodreads Giveaways.

The government institutions, religions and philosophies debated and discussed both in a teacher-student setting or as the protagonist’s internal dialogue provoked thought and p 3.

The lack of onomatopoeia helped limit disruptions to the narrative. Modesitt never really let’s you imxger asking questions – the Imager Maitres’ deep queries are as much for the reader as they are for Rhenn.

Uncontrolled these are dangerous as he had a misfortune to learn soon. Jodie Clark Book 12, Endgames, is set to come out in Feb. An interesting and very different magic system forms the basis for the world and the plot in this novel–the first in the Imager series.

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