Aka: Vertebro-Basilar CVA, Cerebrovascular Accident of Vertebral Artery, insuficiencia arterial vertebrobasilar, insuficiencia vertebrobasilar (trastorno). La insuficiencia vertebrobasilar es la reducción del flujo sanguíneo hacia la parte posterior del cerebro a causa de un daño vascular. La parte posterior del. Learn more about Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency at HealthONE DefinitionCausesRisk Blood flow to the back of the brain is supplied by 2 arteries of the neck.

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Related Topics in Cardiovascular Medicine. The Thomas Willis Lecture Rose Medical Center Get Directions. Grad A, Baloh R W. Los medicamentos recetados pueden contribuir a diferentes fines:. Several recent studies of the causes of strokes have identified how salon washing basins exert stress on the neck, causing the carotid or vertebral arteries to tear. The syndrome of vertebrobasilar insufficiency. The opposite phenomenon is aeterial in female patients: As discussed above, postural changes, exercise, and dehydration are some of the likely culprits.

Extra-axial Epidural Subdural Subarachnoid. Furthermore, we observed a trend in the diagnosis of VBI in patients with insufuciencia or more of the following conditions: Fucci, DO Review Date: Swedish Medical Center Get Directions. Computed tomographic angiography findings in patients following vascular events in the posterior circulation: A small number of publications dedicated on evaluating posterior circulation; however, studies in healthy patients points toward angio-tomography and MRA to reach similar sensibility and specificity levels, especially when studying the basilar artery.

Prescribed medication may help to:.

Pathophysiology and Diagnosis of Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency: A Review of the Literature

Diagnosis of VBI by Neuroimaging The patients with a suspected diagnosis of transient ischemic attacks or vertebrobasilar strokes should undergo neuroimaging tests. The plaque makes the pathway for the blood to flow through smaller.


Basilar artery occlusion C Kim et al 19 dedicated a study to evaluating the prevalence of occlusion and stenosis in the proximal segments of the vertebral arteries, comparing the results with changes of the distal segments. If you or someone you know has any of these symptoms, call for emergency medical services right away. Another important piece of information given by the Doppler is the pulsatility index PIwhich is the relation between the measured speed of the blood flow during the systolic pulse and the final diastolic pulse.

Inclusion criteria were original research, review, cross-section, case-control, case report, cohort, and clinical trial articles.

Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency

If a person with VBI is under age insufciiencia and has no evidence for atherosclerosis, a work-up for hypercoagulable states Lupus anticoagulant, anti-cardiolipin antibodiesis indicated. Degenerative SA Friedreich’s ataxia Ataxia-telangiectasia. Definition Vertebrobasilar insufficiency is poor blood flow to the back of the brain because of damage to blood vessels.

They also state that more studies focusing on understanding the natural history of these lesions and their evolution over time are still needed. Descriptive studies published by Gomez 6 and Grad and Baloh 3 involving only patients with VBI confirmed by impairment on the vertebrobasilar blood flow in the angiography stated that the dizziness complaints of these patients could begin within a time frame ranging from 4 weeks to 4 years, before neurologic signs are clinically observed.


Examination technique and normal reference values.

Vertebro-Basilar CVA

Intracranial MRA is vertebrobasilae sufficient to evaluate vertebrobasilar arteries, while extracranial vertebral arteries are better diagnosed using contrast-enhanced MRA, which is less dependent on flow phenomena and more accurate in evaluating stenosis.

Heart healthy habits will help keep blood vessels throughout your body in good shape. It is known that the speed of the intracranial arterial blood flow decreases and PI increases in older veftebrobasilar patients, even in those without any cerebrovascular diseases.

Even though arteriography is considered insuficiencoa be the most important exam for this purpose, the risks of performing this test in patients with VBI should be taken in consideration. Views Read Edit View history. Moubayed and Saliba 5 evaluated patients with positional dizziness and imbalance regarding the morphology of the vertebral arteries, risk factors for stroke involving the posterior circulation, vegtebrobasilar evolution of the symptoms over time in patients with VBI compared with controls.

Nonetheless, we were able to provide a meaningful review including several aspects of the pathophysiology and available diagnostic testing for VBI. It is more frequently observed in men after the fourth decade of life 8 ; arterial hypertension, obesity, and smoking are considered to be the main risk factors.

Imaging studies are insuficiencis required to diagnose VBI, but sometimes computed tomography CT is performed first.