So I looked around for either a reader or something to convert them to pdf files which may be less clever than djvu but at least everybody in the. Download IrfanView PlugIns. IrfanView PlugIns package offers additional file formats and effects for IrfanView. The version of the IrfanView DjVu plugin () was found to be less than . As such, it is reportedly affected by a heap-based buffer overflow vulnerability.

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My uploads folder is set to allow files of up to 2 Gbytes. Irfanveiw did create a pdf file but it won’t open saying it needs Ghostscript. So I downloaded sjvu and it seemed to install but nothing has changed. IrfanView ALL plugins 4.

Ah – does that mean I have to save the irafnview s on-line somewhere? Oh, by the way I read the post “how to install Ghostscript” but it doesn’t make much sense to me. Hi, thanks for replying! This impressive set truly brings added value to an almost encyclopedic supported file formats list.

It would do it but it seems I have to convert each page individually – pain! I downloaded it but there must be more to it than just downloading it because it still wouldn’t convert. If you mean megabytes then you can send one or more to my uploads link http: Its free, fast, and there are no annoying ads.


Irfan View Plug-ins 4.52

Please advise where would be a good place good, as in free and I will put the file there for you to look at. I thought, Jdvu, so that doesn’t work so I tried to save the djvu files at jpgs and then bmps and convert those to pdfs at work but in both cases the conversion only did the single page on veiw not the whole set of 25 pages.

Extracting all of the images, resizing them to or dpi, and creating a PDF file might be the way to go.

If you do mean kilobytes then you can just zip the files and attach them to the forum Go advanced below the irfanvieq box. I tried converting another djvu file to pdf and that wouldn’t convert either. John Actually, since I posted that – maybe it is this Ghostscript thingy I need?

I tried attaching the original zipped folder with four djvu files but it wouldn’t have it. All I want to do is convert four files to pdf!!

IrfanView bit version

The password is optional, and the file size is pretty much unlimited. I then irfanbiew your opera file sharing device and that seemed to go fine. This now works fine for veiwing and will probably be fine for printing but I still would prefer pdf files so I really would like to convert the djvu files to pdf. The sender can be using any browser. Creating pdf from djvu file. Let people download a djvu — since IrfanView plugins will let anyone view djvu files I don’t see this as a problem.


I have downloaded a rare technical manual of some pages contained in four djvu files of 25 pages each approx. I am going offline now, so the link won’t be available for a few hours.

Once the installation process finishes, you cannot be wrong in assuming your IrfanView to be a distinguished media and document viewer that comes with a sophisticated set of newly learned skills. I then tried zipping the original files into two smaller folder but it was the first time I’d ever done zipping and whether I wasn’t doing it right or what but those files refused to attach as well.

So I looked around for either a reader or something to convert them irranview pdf files which may be less clever than djvu but at least everybody in the world can open your file!

Download IrfanView ALL plugins

Only the recipient must be running Opera. IrfanView ALL plugins is part of these download collections: I started off OK and I had high hopes it would work but near the end it froze and then fell irfanviw.

So I downloaded Irfanveiw. Although the progress bar doesn’t seem to update after a while, the process runs to the end, using a modest amount of RAM and CPU cycles.