Not only in the structures by which it seeks to comprehend the universe, but also in the structures of the science itself, astrology is remorselessly hierarchical. An extracted chapter from John Frawley’s classic book ‘The Real Astrology’, in which he explores the philosophy of electional astrology and demonstrates its. John Frawley has recently published his third book The Horary Textbook – sure to be an international best seller. His first book, The Real Astrology, received.

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But a full election is a more detailed process, as it demands attention to the birth chart of the person or people involved. The exigencies of TV mean that I am often required to come up with predictions when I frankly have no idea of what the outcome will be: Some of them came out spectacularly right. If he is determined to go ahead with his plans, we must make the best of what we are frawlwy I didn’t see anything there to johnn there was going to be particular disruption.

There are some people who regard him as the True Gospel, which I drawley is stretching things a bit – not every word he wrote is accurate.

By now, Dee had determined that the coronation should be held at noon on a day between January 14th and, at the very latest to keep the Sun safely away from difficult aspect to Saturn, January 22nd.

I had a regular spot on one sports programme making predictions for the coming week, and one-offs on various other shows, again making sporting predictions from astrology. Trivia About The Horary Textbook.

Rather than saying it was malefic – which a house is not able to be, as houses don’t do anything, planets do – I said that planets in the 12th, in whatever form of astrology, find it very hard to act unless there is a way out of the 12th, which is usually by exact aspect or strong mutual reception.

A mother asked about her daughter who had been suffering severe headaches for some months. For instance, just the other day someone asked me if his ex-employee was out to get him. Feb 11, Javier Guelfi rated it it was amazing. My nativity may indicate that I am potentially the greatest general who has ever lived, yet if there is no war to fight this potential will rust unused; similarly, if my country’s army consists of two men and a dog I cannot elect a moment at which to display my talents by winning the battle.


Of all the forms of traditional astrology, it is horary that falls most strangely on the modern ear.

In fact, even though it is not done consciously, the querent exercises precise control over the moment of the question. In that, you’re saying that it’s possible to live astrologyy predicting the results of football matches.

Even the scientists grudgingly admit that surgery is more bloody at full Moon, though this has, of course, nothing to do with astrology. It’s sometimes necessary, yes.

John Frawley (astrologer) – Wikipedia

However, Frawley also differentiates his practice from Medieval, Renaissance, or Classical branches of Astrology. This is one of the most malign indications in the heavens and would have to be handled with the greatest care to avoid building insurmountable difficulties into the elected chart. Capricorn rising sums up most of my beliefs – miserable bastard! His latest title The Horary Textbook has recently been released.

In the last ten degrees of Capricorn the Sun has some very minor dignity; in Aquarius it is badly debilitated: Garry Phillipson has practised astrology since I have maybe a hundred astrology books, and this is the one I turn to most. Rigel, a strong benefic, on the Ascendant was a very acceptable alternative. I think that people can have differences, without taking it personally. To ask other readers questions about The Horary Textbookplease sign up.

I’ve been interested in astrology since my very early teens reading sun-sign columns, ‘Is the girl at the bus-stop going to smile at me today? How do you square doing astrology with Catholicism? The relevance of even these supposedly chance moments to the issue at hand can be seen from the frequency with which the charts cast for them show verifiable events in the past which are datable from the chart.

Frawley, John

Many, many examples – medical diagnoses purely from the chart, confirmed weeks later by specialists who had previously been baffled; locating lost objects – and obviously this needs to be pretty exact: That probably says something deep and important about the way astrology works. More importantly, the earlier the coronation was held the closer was Mercury to the Sun, keeping the country Mercury under the power of the monarch Sun.


So always in horary – the focus must be absolutely on the chart, with no regard for what the client may or may not like. Here, we judge the life and reign of individual monarchs.

The Horary Textbook

Mars, planet of war, picks up all the unpleasantness of Saturn and throws it straight at Jupiter, the open enemy. Now available by John Frawley: This was without any indication that such a place existed or that she had even been to a restaurant.

How long does it take you to prepare? If we liken the conventional idea of the birth-chart reading to general medical practice, fraqley is like surgery: Also, the Sun on the Midheaven in the dates available gave a Gemini Ascendant and Sagittarius Descendant for astdology coronation chart. When the king summoned the court astrologer to find out if he should marry the princess or invade the next kingdom, horary is what the astrologer would almost invariably have used.

I can see both good and bad things about it. Horaries vary a lot – some of them, it literally takes a glance to see the answer. If other variables refused to fall into place, he might have to think again and revert to Sun in Capricorn; but so far, he no doubt thought, so good: Refresh and try again.

You do sometimes see things like fraw,ey in a chart, but I didn’t see anything of that kind. And it’s a very good way of honing your astrology because you’re predicting frawleey, and you get the results very quickly.

From horary, the next step in our astrological hierarchy is the art of elections, of choosing the best moment to act.

Adeola rated it it was amazing Feb 26, I also find that my knowledge of football, my interest in it apart from astrologyy, obscures the issue as well. I can’t remember, but he talks about it in relation to Hiroshima. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. What about the free will and predestination issue?