Feb 14, In Kabuliwala by Rabindranath Tagore we have the theme of connection, love, escape, trust, friendship, sadness and charity. Taken from his. Short Story Summary “Kabuliwala” by Tagore is a tale of heart-rending friendship between a 5-year-old Bengali girl Minnie and an Afghan moneylender, Abdur. Feb 16, One morning Mini saw a Kabuliwala through her window and called out to him. He was a tall, untidily dressed man with a turban on his head.

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This page was last edited on 13 Julyat The talkative and innocent Mini and Rahamat, a hawker of dry fruits from Kabul, are the central characters of the story.

The stories are beautiful, the translation is masterclass with the translator doing true justice to the storywriter. As their friendship blossomed, Minnie and Rahmat started meeting and interacting every day.

I have a dried leaf in my hands and I turn it, look at it and then at the sky; I have rabindganath in my hands for hours as I sit there lost in my thoughts beside the river and eventually throw it away.

কাবুলিওয়ালা by Rabindranath Tagore

Around the same time I also came to know that the short story was written A poster of the film “Kabuliwala” It affords Rahman the opportunity to not only see his daughter again but there may also be a possibility that Rahman can become a Kabuliwala again. A poster of the film “Kabuliwala” No trivia or quizzes yet. During the trial, he confessed to killing the man even after being advised against it by his lawyer.

View all 11 comments. He persuaded the Kabuliwala to go away. Kabuliwala is a Bengali short story written by Rabindranath Tagore in Yagore, it is easier to side with our fears and suspect someone who is not like us.


When Mini is bg, Kabuliwala is surprised to see how much she has grown. Tagpre other projects Wikisource. Retrieved from ” https: To live her life to the best of her ability. The voice of the story is lent by the father of Minnie. The stories and laughter they shared was heart warming. He was a tall, untidily dressed man with a turban on his head and a bag slung over his shoulder. Apr 26, D rated it it was amazing.


Tuesday, 16 February Summary: After Raham has been sentenced to jail for seven years. This is more than hurtful for Rahman because he knows rabindranaty he has a young daughter the same age as Mini in his village and she too most likely will not recognise Rahman. Feb 17, Shikha rated it liked it. I tell you story-telling is an ancient Indian art dating back to Panchatantra of BC. Quotes From The Book: I read a story each night to sleep and no matter what happened throughout the day, I’ve slept with a smile.

One of my earliest reads and a famous Tagore story. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

There is no talk of their past and the meeting between the two ends abruptly. Mini after a period of time and as other girls would do forgets all about her friendship with Rahman. Finally, after all these decades, I was able to read the widely-acclaimed short story which has been beautifully translated by Mohammad A. A deeply moving story. The story is of a Pashtun merchant from Kabulwho comes to Calcutta present day KolkataIndia each year for selling dry-fruits and while living in India he becomes friends with a five-year-old girl Mini from a middle-class aristocratic family Theme [ edit ] The main theme of this story is filial love-the deep love that fathers have for their children.


Years may have passed some not good things happen to him but still he didn’t forget about the little one. The innocence of story is remarkable. They go through the same emotions and conflicts like we do. Article about Kabuliwala’s now: As soon as the Kabuliwala drew close the house, Mini ran and vanished inside.

The life he had previously lived in Calcutta is no more. MY elder brother had shown me the film “Kabuliwala” in the early ’60s at the Minerva Cinema in Calcutta when we were both schoolboys. It is at this moment that the Cabuliwallah realizes that he has missed a lot, and that the father understands that the Cabuliwallah is more than just a fruit seller—that the Cabuliwallah is also a father, and that he must now reacquaint himself with his daughter who highly likely, no longer recognizes him and vice versa.

The story is of a Pashtun merchant from Kabul, who comes to Calcutta, India each year for selling dry-fruits and while living in India he becomes friends with a five-year-old girl Mini as she reminds him of his daughter who lives in Kabul. Mar 20, Kabuliwqla rated it it was amazing. Even with its focussed nature, An Approach tagofe ICSE English will be beneficial to everyone involved in the learning of the niceties of the English language.