Just thought I’d share this with you all. I’ve used the Escalation Ramp at the end of the ladder successfully to get girls naked, but I can’t. What is Kino Escalation or how to get to physical intimate step by step. In this final part I want to discuss “the ladder” to physical intimacy that I mentioned. Quick Definition: A specific sequence of steps for escalating kino (touch). Full Definition: A kino escalation ladder is a sequence of physical.

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Do not start ramp with intention to finish later. Kiss her like Spiderman.

What kind of excuses do you use to move her legs over yours? So it felt natural and plausible which induced zero resistance. It helps built tension and attraction gradually and smoothly, so it won’t feel awkward to jump to the kiss part, or when you’re not sure what you’re allowed to touch. How to hug a woman like a real man.

But a woman, interested in a man, can actually take this process and guide the man to what he should do next if he seems lost nonverbally of course. Yesterday I grabbed a girls hand so that I could look at esca,ation watch.

The Kino Escalation Ladder: 5 Real Life Scenarios Examined

Friend Zone Touching Overt: When you return you can place your leg up against hers again. Its like an incedental version of leading her aroung with your hand on her back. Notify me of followup comments via escalatikn.

If in a bar or club, telling a funny joke or teasingly poking her in the stomach as a rapport break, then hugging so you get contact as a form of rebuilding comfort and sexually escalating at the same time, which of course is a rapport break in its own right, which is resolved by building more comfort by separating and taking a step back.


Cancel reply Enter your comment here Kion must keep stressing those 2 points.

They are barriers of comfort so to speak. Mouth to Body — now the mouth does the work: If she is wearing earrings touch them, while also making contact with her ear. Touching and getting physical right away eliminates all of this. Her group of friends were in a circle talking right in front of us a meter or so awaywe were out of the circle. Understand that these feelings of discomfort are occurring only in your mind.

The Kino Escalation Ladder: 5 Real Life Scenarios Examined

Some guys try to go for the kiss close or something heavier on a down note when things have gone sour or stall out.

Return to physical intimacy and Kino escalation – Part 1 Part 2. Just brush her stomach or touch her stomach when you say something. This act confuses the girl, and as reverse psychology goes, this only makes her want him more, we automatically desire what is hard to get. There are literally a hundred platonic reasons to touch and hold someones hand. I’ve noticed women sometimes do this when they’re being playful an “oh stop it” kind laeder touchbut I can’t imagine how I would use it.

Many people ask me these questions and more about dating and relating. She wanting to see you again depends on a lot of external stuff which I know not of.

You have to personally sense within yourself from observing the interaction, her body, etc. Be overly-formal and make a joke out of it.


Incidental kino arises organically from being comfortable physically interacting with others. Proper calibration and social intelligence. You gave her ZERO clues that you were the touchy guy, and all of a sudden as if you got possessed by something- you decide to grab at her.


Otherwise, it’s the classic moment in every romantic rscalation. Think of when a baby comes into the world, screaming and hollering. The pick up artist ‘s encyclopedia. What ways to brush the abdomen have you had the most success with? You are commenting using your Escalatlon account. If kissing body position in-between legs so midsection rubs against vagina.

Kino Escalation Ladder | Pick Up Artist and PUA Lingo

The last stage in the Kino escalation ladder will involve seductive gestures; this time there’s no mistake about the intention. If only I would have known this stuff a month ago. Make sense to me. A specific sequence of steps for escalating kino touch. In the article on cognitive dissonance, a reader asks the following: Experienced pickup artists often can sense instinctively where they are in “the ladder” and how they can get to the next stage.

Walk up to a stranger and try to touch their face – they will flinch; this is why. Desmond Morris, an English author and researcher of socio-biology, and painter and a zoologist — an accomplished man purposed a series of 12 steps that humans make from first contact to intercourse — the peak of physical intimacy.

Was like a god sent or some shit. I teach my students and embody 2 things: