Species, Kinosternon leucostomum Duméril and Bibron in Duméril and Duméril, – Tortuga-pecho quebrado labios blancos, White-lipped Mud Turtle. Kinosternon leucostomum leucostomum Duméril and Bibron in Duméril and Duméril, (Download Help) Kinosternon leucostomum leucostomum TSN PDF | On Jan 1, , Scott M Boback and others published Geographic Distribution, KINOSTERNON LEUCOSTOMUM (White-lipped Mud.

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White-lipped mud turtle – Wikipedia

Sipurio East coast of Costa Rica spurrelli: The herpetofauna of Oaxaca, Mexico: University of Texas Press, Austin, pp. The karyological formula for K. The Herpetofauna of Chiapas, Mexico: An annotated checklist and key to the reptiles of Mexico klnosternon of the snakes.

Web pages and scripting Jiri Hosek. The amphibians and reptiles of Alta Verapaz Guatamala. English translation by P. A checklist of the amphibians and reptiles of Honduras, with additions, comments on taxonomy, some recent taxonomic decisions, and areas of further studies needed. Kinosternon, Sternotherus, Claudius, Staurotypus. Mesoamerican Herpetology 2 3: Anfibios y reptiles en el departamento del Valle del Cauca, Colombia.


White-lipped mud turtle

External links National Center for Biotechnology Information http: Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington D. This has resulted in a critical level of their populations, together with little biological knowledge for their conservation.

Amphibians and reptiles of the rainforest of Southern El Peten, Leucostommu.

Keeping and breeding the White-lipped Mud Turtle, Kinosternon leucostomum. W Colombia; Type locality: A trinomial authority in parentheses indicates that the subspecies was originally described in a genus other than Kinosternon.

A contribution to a knowledge of lsucostomum herpetology of a portion of the savanna region of Central Peten, Guatemala. A contribution to the herpetology of Mexico.

A field guide to the amphibians and reptiles of the Maya world. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Studies on the amphibians and reptiles of British Honduras. This kinosternkn also showed the absence of heterologous chromosomes between the females and males karyotypes from the studied species.

Kinosternon leucostomum | The Reptile Database

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Herpetofauna of the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula: Reptiles of Central America. Therefore, this study was dedicated to turtle cytogenetics. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, – get paper here Stuart, L. The synonym, Cinosternon spurrelli Boulenger, which is a synonym of Kinosternon leucostomum postinguinalewas named in honor of British zoologist Herbert George Flaxman Spurrell.


Species of the subfamily Staurotypinae. Paust Printing, Richmond, Indiana. Cheloniidae Carettinae Caretta Lepidochelys. Johns Hopkins University Press, pp. Extinct turtles not included. The name leucostomum is derived from the Greek words leukos white and stoma mouthand alludes to the pale-colored jaw sheaths in many specimens of this species especially juveniles.

Land and Freshwater Forms. White-lipped mud turtle Conservation status. A new kinosternid turtle from Colombia. The study was conducted using the conventional methods for cytogenetics. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 69 3: Eine rationelle Haltungsmethode, Fortpflanzung und Entwicklung Salamandra kinosgernon 4: Can you confirm these amateur observations of Kinosternon leucostomum?

Reptarium The Reptile Database. Giant musk turtle Mexican musk turtle. Reptilien und Amphibien Mittelamerikas, Bd 1: Cyclanorbinae Cyclanorbis Cycloderma Lissemys.