LaCie Ethernet Disk mini 10/ – User Manual, Installation, Troubleshooting Tips, and Downloads. Reset or Update the ED Mini 10/ · Ethernet Disk gives. LaCie Ethernet Disk Mini-Home Edition – User Manual, Installation, Troubleshooting Tips, and Downloads. The default machine name for the LaCie Ethernet Disk mini is “EDmini”. mini’s IP address: Obtain Configuration From DHCP Server or Configure Manually.

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Ethernet Disk mini

Connect to Ethernet Disk Mini: AppleTalk Zone 26 6. Minimum System Requirements 2.

Continued use of our website indicates your consent to our usage of cookies. Using any other power cable or power supply may cause damage to the device and void your warranty.

Machine Name By clicking on the blue button to the right of Machine Name, in the Network section of the Configuration menu, you will be taken to the Change Machine Name page. Accessing the Shared Storage – Windows.

How do I manually configure my IP address on the Ethernet Disk mini? | Seagate Support

Windows Me Users – To access your shares under Windows Me, the administrator will need to create a user with the same username and password as your log in for Windows.


Therefore, storing frequently used data in RAM can enhance your system’s overall response to disk-intensive operations significantly. Ethernet Disk mini Media Server Functionality. Driver peripheral manager – A software component that enables the computer system to communicate with a peripheral.

Linux Users 21 5. Also called a controller.

Ethernet Disk mini 10/100

Windows Users 20 5. Connect to a network drive with WebDAV. Simply use the pull-down menu beside the Language selector to find your language, and then click Submit Changes to activate your language. To map a drive to a share, select the Tools menu from Windows Explorer. Log Off You can close the Web Administration program at any point while the Web page is open by clicking on Log Off, located just below the tabs in the upper-right hand corner of the screen.

A block is the smallest amount of space allocated on a drive for data storage. IP configurator shows that the disk has been configured, but does not allow connection.

Your LaCie Ethernet Disk mini page 1 2 2. It must be divided into sections that will contain special information required for a Mac or PC to operate and other sections that will contain the files.

Our Cookie Lcaie explains the types of cookies we use and how to manage them. The LaCie Ethernet Disk mini can also support other file systems, but with significant limitations while maual accessed via a network: The new shares will be placed on your desktop. If you have changed the name, click the Submit Changes button to activate your changes. This icon refers to tips to help maximize performance. By default, a sector of data consists of 51 2 bytes.


Ethernet Disk mini | LaCie Support US

Please refer to the instructions included with the LaCie Rackmount Kit for specific instructions. Package Contents 9 2.

Most peripherals will not operate correctly – if at all – if the appropriate drivers are not installed on the system. Manual Updates LaCie is constantly edmjni to give you the most up-to-date, comprehensive User’s Manuals available on the market.

No articles available for this product. Benefits of the USB standard include: No articles available for this product. Dust can build up inside the device, increasing the risk of damage or malfunction.