6/, actualizat Descarcă, Bugetul pe anul aprobat prin Legea bugetului asigurărilor sociale de stat pe anul , nr/, cu modificările şi completările ulterioare Descarcă, Bugetul pe anul aprobat prin Legea bugetului asigurărilor . Din data de 20 martie , la Centrul de Coordonare Operativă. LEGEA-CADRU nr. din 22 mai a descentralizării. Formă actualizată revizuita la data de 24 octombrie CAP. I Definiţii şi principii generale. ART. 1. Shepard, E. and Paul R.B.() “US Drug Control Policies: Federal Spending on Source: Ernst & Young, , Looking beyond the obvious: globalization and new OUG / privind Fondul de Mediu, modificată şi actualizată. ***Legea / pentru stabilirea sistemului de promovare a producerii.

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Het feit dat de concessiehouder buiten de overheidssector wordt geclassificeerd, brengt echter niet automatisch met zich mee dat de financiering van het project volledig buiten de overheidsbegroting wordt geboekt. Uncontrolled quarrying on Mount Pentadaktylos.

Progress of the Commissions study on informing consumers about non-stun slaughtering. The Commission will inform the Honourable Member about the outcome of its analysis.

EUR-Lex – JOC___R_ – EN – EUR-Lex

Can the Commission provide full copies of the reports? How many EU Member States have introduced systems exempting patients from having to pay in advance themselves for healthcare in another Member State?

Can the Commission state which way the results of the written consultation are leaning? Can the Commission say to what extent it takes account of the results of its public consultations? Gleichzeitig verblieb die Zahl der Planstellen bei Is the Commission able today to provide more up-to-date information on the number of small, medium-sized and micro-enterprises in Europe?

The Danish Government will shortly take a decision as to whether the Rent Restriction Act is to be repealed in order to put an end to mandatory collective agreements. Comics published by the European Union to illustrate issues, policies and activities. Situation of newborn and premature babies in Europe. Additional investigations carried out locally by the French health authority are necessary to demonstrate such a link.

Alleged overfishing in the Baltic Sea by Swedish vessels. Since the Gezi Park revolt, foreign journalists have been viewed with suspicion in Turkey. In almost all cases, undertakings are not the Commission’s contractors. What answers in detail were received from the Greek authorities? Nevertheless, the principle of equal treatment is subject to limitations and conditions set out in the Treaty and in secondary legislation.


Did the Commission find that the answers were absolutely satisfactory? In order to improve knowledge about the prevalence of this phenomenon and the possible impact of the crisis, the Commission is exploring possibilities to exploit current Eurostat surveys and is actively participating in the work of the European Institute for Gender Equality.

The Commission awarded a grant for a two-year project, arising from the open call for proposals under the Prevention of and Fight Against crime ISEC programme, and based on a proposal submitted by the University of Strasbourg with the anti-fraud office of Catalonia Spain and the Commission for establishing of property acquired from criminality Bulgaria together with associated partners.

Raggiri fiscali delle multinazionali USA. Proposed changes in plans for the TEN-T rail network. African swine fever in Sardinia: Member States have used different procedures that meet the above criteria to license network providers, including comparative and competitive procedures auctionsas proposed by EETT in May. What practical actions and additional sources of funding can the Commission suggest to the Cyprus Government in order to overcome this dramatic increase in unemployment and to help people who need decent employment in order to live?

La situazione della chiesa cattolica dovrebbe migliorare ulteriormente grazie alle recenti iniziative prese dal Vietnam per instaurare relazioni diplomatiche con la Santa Sede. However, the global competitiveness of the European steel industry is at risk due to low demand, high operational costs and unfair international trade restrictions.

Racordare la rețele de interes public

This is one of the most significant political instruments for public involvement in the decision-making process and is hence a means of addressing the democratic deficit and the issue of EU solidarity. The costs for the required report and evaluation will avtualizata covered by Frontex and the Commission.

European Arrest Warrant — implications. Dati sulla scomparsa delle PMI non sono disponibili. What is the useful area of these properties in square metres, and how much is the monthly rent per square metre and the total monthly rent?

legea 272 din 2004 actualizata pdf file

Inoltre, il finanziamento di misure destinate alle persone svantaggiate in generale, di cui i Rom fanno parte, andrebbe a sua volta preso in conto anche se i beneficiari comprendono anche i non Rom. Ritiene legfa Commissione che l’iniziativa di questa associazione sia compatibile con la sua iscrizione nel registro dei portatori di interessi?


Many of the initiatives mentioned by the report have recently been undertaken by the Commission, e. However, the Commission will prepare the ground for the next Commission mandate, by preparing a review of how the existing mechanisms for ensuring regulatory consistency might be further enhanced. These tools comprise exchanges of information, carrying out multilateral controls and the presence of tax officials in enquiries in other Member States.

What method has been used to grant licences to television programme and network providers in other EU Member States? What, however, does the Commission intend to do in order to ensure that they comply with the rules? Aggiornamento sull’utilizzo del Fondo europeo di sviluppo regionale in Ungheria ai sensi dell’articolo 7, paragrafo 2, del regolamento CE n.

The Commission will therefore address the Hungarian authorities to request clarifications concerning the reported restriction at this crossing point. Pressure on the Member States from asylum-seekers.

Which undertakings benefited, and by what amount, from purchases made and contracts concluded in connection with Eurosur? The Commission considers that it is important to incentivise operators to find agreements which allow them to reduce wholesale roaming costs and thus enable them to provide roaming services at the level of domestic prices roam-like-at-home starting in A CEI shall be published in the Official Journal or wherever it is necessary to provide publicity among potential candidates, i.

Moreover, in the United Kingdom new toilets using more than six litres per flush are prohibited, while installations of toilets using less than six litres per flush are encouraged, although the installation of these kinds of flushes is subject to various technical conditions. Quali azioni intende intraprendere, a livello europeo, la Commissione a tale riguardo?