Results 1 – 40 of 40 Tommyknockers by Stephen King and a great selection of similar Used, Tommyknockers: Stephen King . Seller: angeles sancha libros. Results 1 – 30 of 38 Tommyknockers. by King, Stephen. and a great selection of related Tommyknockers by Stephen King . Seller: Agapea Libros Urgentes. Traducción de: The tommyknockers.. Este libro es de segunda mano y tiene o puede tener marcas y señales de su anterior propietario. ISBN: X.

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But yes, a good ending would have been wonderful. Could it be the Beaver who appears in ‘s Dreamcatcher?

Like many of his books, subtly or not, King touches on the certain things affecting our world, whether it is war, or guns, or whatever. I was a new Stephen King fan and after picking up the first book of his I ever read, I had to grab another and another and another. I know I have. Like King says in the preface – just watch the evening news. I am bumping my rating up to five stars because Now, some thirty years later, I have to eat humble pie.

The best thing I can say for it is that it doesn’t feature a rabid Saint Bernard. This book contained so much useless filler that I found myself trying to keep track of everything only to find that none of it fucking mattered.

After he sees that Bobbi is not entirely his old friend and lover, he shoots and kills her; before she dies, she telepathically calls to the townspeople who then swarm to her place, intent on killing him.

We have Gardener, a friend of hers, alcoholic and potential suicide, really at the bottom of life and returning once more to Haven and to his friend and former lover Bobbi.

After taut, entrancing stories like Misery and Cujo, The Tommyknockers just feels bloated. Once exposed, the spacecraft begins to release an invisible gas into the atmosphere that gradually transforms people into beings similar to the aliens who populated the ship. Sep 15, Paul Nash rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I became involved again. Usually, I tell people to read King’s books in order, but if you plan on reading Under the Domeyou might want to leave The Tommyknockers for after you finish it.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. See all 6 questions about The Tommyknockers…. But that’s pretty messy, isn’t it? And I’ve thought about it a lot lately and said to myself, “There’s really a good book in here, underneath all the sort of spurious energy that cocaine provides, and I ought to go back. Don’t even get me started I will be honest, and this is just MO, but I’m floored at all the supposed “Constant Readers” negative reviews for this book.

And the timeline seems right. View all 3 comments. He was also active in student politics, serving as a member of the Student Senate.

The Tommyknockers – Wikipedia

Also- there were still some aspects that I loved. The book had a slow burn creepy feeling as oibro flip through the pages… I was always anticipating something to pounce on the characters, it had a successful build up that paid in the end.

That was the last one I wrote before I cleaned up my act. Mar 27, Ruth Turner rated it liked it Shelves: This time, it was the exact opposite.

It was a fail of epic proportions. Perhaps it ilbro bad – it certainly is in places – but King is not a bad writer which means there are books within the book, sections, which shimmer like jewels floating in a green-smoking cesspit.

The book’s central character is James Eric Gardener, a poet and friend of Bobbi Anderson, who goes by the nickname “Gard”.


Prior to starting Tommyknockers I’d heard much about how this book was one of King’s least liked books by fans. While maintaining a horror style, the novel is an excursion into the realm of science fiction for King, as the residents of the Maine town of Haven gradually fall under the influence of a mysterious object buried in the woods.

After Stephen’s grandparents passed away, Mrs. Quite a number of fans have said that The Tommyknockers is among their least favorite King novels. And as they learn tommykjockers about this strange discovery, the citizens of Haven begin to change: Her opinion of this book was something like “meh.

The town of Derry exists here along with a direct reference to IT as well as other books, and that seems harmless enough at first. He wasn’t writing with ink, he was writing with rage and it shows.

The Tommyknockers

The characters are interesting, likeable and hateable alike. Yes, I know, a town, but for me, this is like a third character.

After all, I love King’s work and this was an attempt to catch up on the ones I’ve missed. Above all, this is a King fanboy book, the references to his other works if you’ve read a lot of King make this book worth reading. Some parts were really interesting but on a whole, this book was a huge drag to read. Secondly, I read this at a tommyknockegs when I was thinking a lot about the mechanics and techniques of writing and story telling.

It was annoying and was so prevalent that I kept waiting for the nuke to occur.