Training for Endurance [Philip Maffetone] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Read reviews. “The most common cause of reduced aerobic function is anaerobic training, and/ or too much racing. “ Dr. Philip Maffetone, The Big Book of Endurance Training. Dr. Phil Maffetone. Dr. Philip Maffetone is an applied kinesiologist who has been in private practice since He’s an authority on alternative medicine, has a.

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There is some data suggesting that Pork may not be the “cleanest” meat to eat, but that is a discussion for another day. Phil Maffetone, including maffeotne own music framing the show!

May 31, at 8: Phil Maffetonean endurance expert and someone who developed many of the protocols used today in aerobic training, including the Maffetone Method.

What I do is a super easy three mile warm up followed by 5 miles on the indoor track at beats per minute. Host Brad Kearns talks to one of the true legends of endurance athletics, Dr. Any animal mffetone raised on a grain diet will display similar characteristics. While sometimes the podcasts are long, it’s better that way and people can just fast-forward if they so wish. In this March 2, free audio episode: May 14, at 5: Just go to http: After listening to your interview with him and hearing the negative effects of too much high intensity training, I have questions about HIIT training.


Thanks for another great podcast and for answering my call in question Ben! March 4, at March 11, at 9: March 6, at 7: March 7, at 6: I used Phil’s approach to training for many years when I first started triathlon. May 14, at 2: Keep up the good work! This allows for better recovery and thus more running. Thanks for your efforts.

Episode #135: Interview With Health & Endurance Expert Dr. Phil Maffetone

Do you have a future podcast question for Ben? Just downloaded the iPhone app looks great!

March 8, at 8: Enjoy interviews from elite athletes, coaches, authors and scientists on the cutting edge of endurance training and performance. March 4, at 5: Unfortunately, I have drive a lot, but you are with me most of the time did not want to sound creepy. Click here to visit now. March 5, at 5: Thanks for a great podcast! Also, please stop putting in extra testimonials, or at least place them at the end.

Primal Endurance Podcast: Phil Maffetone Pt.1 (Rebroadcast)

I’m very glad that you are experimenting with different ways of doing the show and keep up the great job! What about other meat products, like a grass-fed pork pork tenderloin, chops, shoulder or game like vension—would these have the same benefits that grass-fed beef would have?


March 4, at 4: Brand new — get insider VIP tips and discounts from Ben — conveniently delivered directly to your phone!

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. What does mafftone number represent? In this week’s interview, I speak with Dr.

You strap on the heart rate monitor and establish a fixed course that you repeat. Phil Maffetone’s books on Amazon! Ask Ben a Podcast Question. Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode Do you have a future podcast question for Ben?

Click here to download the advertising information and pricing sheet. Also, no problem with longer podcasts.

Casey has call in feedback about Shape21and Lisa calls in to give an update on her Triathlon Dominator race. What you see is a gradual improvement in my pace, to where I did the test almost 30 seconds per mile faster than in November and over a minute per mile faster than in October!

Just complete the information below…. Armi has a mmaffetone in question about boiling fat off meat.